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Other Debate Tech Projects

This is a selection of links to other projects that are in some way related to paperless debating or in some way debate/tech related.

Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement or affiliation with Paperless Debate or Verbatim. They are included only as a convenience to the debate community, and your mileage may vary.

If you would like your project listed on this page, please email with a link and description of your project. With very few exceptions, to be eligible for inclusion, your project must be free and open source.

Other Word Templates

Synergy (deprecated) - Another Word template, which inspired some features in Verbatim and others.

Digidebate (deprecated) - Template based on Verbatim, no longer available.

LibreOffice/OpenOffice Templates

LibreDebate (unmaintained) - A LibreOffice template with some Verbatim-like macros.

debateOS (defunct) - Ubuntu distribution customized for debate, including an OpenOffice template.

Google Docs

DebateX - A card cutting tool for Google Docs.

Docs Hotkey - Google Docs hot keys for card-cutting.

Debate Template for Google Docs (defunct) - Google docs add-on with some similar functionality to Verbatim.


openCaselist - Collaborative disclosure for the debate community, and the home of the Open Evidence project.

There have been many similar projects in this area, but most have disappeared from the web.

Logos - Card search, scraped from

Vault - Card search and scraping.

DebateEv (defunct) - Card search, scraped from

Debate.Cards (defunct) - Card search, scraped from

Card Cutting/Research Tools

Cite Creator - a free and open source tool for creating citations, integrated directly with Verbatim.

Collage - Chrome extension for card cutting and a card library.

Cut-It.Cards - Desktop card cutting app.

Evidencer - Chrome extension for card cutting, inspired by Cardr.

CardCutPro - Card cutting web app.

Cardr (defunct) - Chrome extension for card cutting.

Debate-Organizer (defunct) - Card cutting organizer app.

Debatetool (unmaintained) - Java-based debate card cutting.


Flower - Web-based flowing tool.

Flexcel - Flowing app for Mac/Windows.

FastFlow (defunct) - Chrome webapp for flowing. (defunct) - Web-based flowing.

Flow3 (defunct) - Web-based flowing.

Dialectica (defunct) - Web-based flowing.

DebaterHub (beta) - Web based card cutting and flowing.

Evidence Sharing - a free way to share documents in-round, integrated with Tabroom.

SpeechDrop - Online evidence sharing.

EvidenceX - Online evidence sharing. Not open source.


There are dozens of these, too many to include here. If the Verbatim timer doesn't have a feature you need, search GitHub and there's probably something that does what you want. This one is cross-platform and has been around a long time:

Speech and Debate Timekeeper - Cross-platform timer for speech and debate.


Prepd - Collection of Extemp and Congress apps. Not free or open source.

ExtempGenie - Extemp, Congress and Debate apps. Not free or open source.

Legislate - Precedence/recency tracking.

Preside - Mobile app for precedence tracking. Not open source.

Rankings Apps

Debate Land (formerly - Rankings and analytics.

Tabroom Apps

None of these are officially supported or endorsed by Tabroom, and Tabroom doesn't have a public API on which these kinds of apps can be reliably built. Use caution when trying them out, and don't rely on them for anything important.

Tabroom-Mobile (unmaintained) - Tabroom mobile app.

tabroomApp (unmaintained) - Tabroom mobile app.

Tabroom for Android (unmaintained) - Tabroom app for Android.

Tabroom App (unmaintained) - Tabroom mobile app. Not open source.


VerbatimParser (unmaintained) - Verbatim document parser.

OpenAI Card Cutting (beta) - Card cutting with OpenAI.

Tabroom Auto-Summarize - Generate press releases from Tabroom results using OpenAI.