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What's New

Verbatim 6 has been rewritten from scratch to be cross-platform, with many new features and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Combined the Mac and PC versions of Verbatim into a single cross-platform code base, and brought Mac Verbatim very close to feature parity with the PC version, including an improved Ribbon interface
  • New setup tools for both PC and Mac to help manage your macro security settings and system tweaks to better prepare your system for use with Verbatim
  • Verbatim installers are now "secure by default," making them easier to work with school IT departments and less likely to have false positive virus alerts
  • A much better system for an "Always On" mode to allow using Verbatim on any file
  • A new Verbatim Flow template for flowing in Excel, integrated with Verbatim in Word making it easy to move arguments between your speech and your flow and vice versa
  • A new Quick Cards feature to speed adding commonly used cards and analytics to your speech
  • New cross-platform Virtual Tub that handles refreshes faster
  • Integrations with the new and Tabroom, making disclosing to the caselist easier than ever
  • Integration with to speed up sharing your speech document without needing to share your email address
  • Many new requested formatting features and automated macros for batch changes to your documents
  • Better handling for rapid switching between pilcrow modes when condensing text
  • Unified selection modes for most core formatting macros for more intuitive formatting of your current selection, a single card, or the entire document
  • A brand new cross-platform timer for PC, Mac, and even Linux
  • A streamlined built-in tutorial for learning the core Verbatim functions
  • Over 50 minor bug fixes and feature additions
  • Restyled forms for a more modern look and feel
  • Removed deprecated features, cleaned up the code, and ensured high quality code standards throughout

For a more complete list, see the changelog!